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Currently located in Charlottetown, PEI, LocalBuys serves as a digital marketplace for local businesses. Showcase your products on the LocalBuys App and allow LocalBuys couriers connect you to your customers.


Delivery: Your Way

Select the type of delivery you prefer. If you choose "contact delivery", you will receive your order directly from the hands of our driver. If you choose "NO-contact delivery", our driver will leave your order in a safe and secure position for you to retrieve.

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Digital Marketplace for Local Businesses

With LocalBuys, you can order groceries or any other item from a nearby store. Our dedicated drivers will be happy to pick up your order and safely deliver the items to your location of choice.

Send a gift to loved ones and support a local business near you. Save on shipping charges for items you will usually order online. LocalBuys is here to help local businesses thrive in a world converting to online shopping. Download the LocalBuys app today.

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